Abuse, shame, a faithful God, and me: Meet your Host!

In this episode, Kelly shares her personal story as a survivor of childhood sexual assault. We hear about the messages she internalized as a girl growing up in the church and how they significantly impacted how she processed what happened to her. We hear the story of her experience reporting that assault as an adult, and about the judgment and shaming she received in the name of Christianity as a result of her decision to report.

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Kelly’s story serves as a testimony of some deeply rooted issues that are prevalent today in Christian culture. The tragic reality is that there are countless other examples of how blind spots in Christian culture have enabled the abuse and oppression of women in many churches and homes.

In this episode, we learn three phrases that are incredibly impactful for victims when they disclose abuse that Kelly learned from Cindy Dawson. They are:

  1. I am so sorry that happened to you,
  2. It is not your fault, and
  3. I believe you

Kelly opens discussions about the power of representation of women in leadership roles in combating abuse, and about the importance of examining the values we teach young girls and boys around gender roles.

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We believe that God created women as equal image bearers, who are valuable, and who have much to say and much to bring to the table.  We hope to amplify the voices of women to combat the silencing of women and the silencing of victims of abuse.  Our mission is to start discussions that bring to light the issues we see, and to explore ways in which Christians can proactively create safer and more supportive environments for women and victims of abuse.

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