Meet Our Team

Kelly Browning, Producer and Host

As a follower of Jesus, I started the All at Once podcast because I want all people to be welcomed, cherished, seen, and heard. I want this space to be where all are empowered to use their powerful and valuable God-given voices, wherever they are and in their own way. 

My hypothesis that I’m discussing in the podcast is this: The way we treat victims of abuse and trauma starts with the way the whole bit is set up. The way we teach young girls and boys about their creation, value, power, and voice, which is where we are going to camp out for most of the podcast: listening to women teach us about God’s creation of woman, women in leadership, and being set free to view the Bible as it is: equally celebratory of both men and women in all the roles in all the places. 


Sarah Jordan, Assistant Producer

I am a Jesus follower, single mom, and survivor of domestic abuse. I am passionate about tackling difficult subjects facing the Christian women of today in search of truth, restoration, and healing. 

I want to see the church become a place of safety and support for women and especially for victims of all kinds of abuse. 

I believe that it is important for believers to have open conversations about the unique issues facing women in the Church, and also about subjects related to the problem of power abuse often found within the Church. She is excited to be involved in the production of this podcast as a means to initiate those conversations!


Molly Baize, Contributor

My strongest desires – truth, transparency, and privacy – have a lot of tension. The Christian world and its clash with the narrative of who Jesus is as described in the Bible has always been a source of internal conflict for me. My story of reaching out to my home church as a teenager and being dismissed is not a unique one. Sweeping the abuse of women under the rug, telling girls not to speak out as it may ruin their assailant’s reputation, and silencing women while empowering men is the cruel reality that too many women in the Church face.

Empowering women starts with allowing everyone to be seen and heard as they wish to be. My hope is to help amplify the voices of those who have found themselves silenced, to bring truth to justice, and to call out the inequities in American Christianity. There are many steps to enact change, but talking, listening, and providing support is the beginning. And I am here for it.

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