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2.01 Jason Porterfield // Fight Like Jesus

Presenting Sponsor: Alan and Beth Stanfield, Stanfield Properties Jason Porterfield joins us to kick off season two! Jason’s first book, Fight Like Jesus, is available for preorder on his website, jasonporterfield.com. In his book, he talks about the injustice in our world and biblical peacemaking in the midst of it. In this first episode of … Read More

Season Two Trailer

Presenting Sponsor: Alan and Beth Stanfield, Stanfield Properties Support us monthly or give a one-time gift! Buy our merch! “For me, this is everything hard I’ve ever experienced in my life… all the trauma and conflict I’ve faced, materializing before my eyes and being put on display for all to see… and that’s hard for … Read More

BONUS EPISODE! Happy Mother’s Day, y’all.

Do you get tired of the same messages about motherhood and womanhood? Join Kelly Browning and Laura Porterfield as they discuss a fresh perspective of Mother’s Day and Biblical womanhood in a live recording of their co-sermon they delivered on Mother’s Day. This is Kelly’s first time teaching in a church that has males and … Read More

Biblical Womanhood: Defined. A closer look at Proverbs 31

When we silence a part of the Church, then the Church and the world will fail to see the fullness of who God is. Laura Porterfield joins us today to discuss Proverbs 31 and how it has often been used to prescribe a gender role for women to faithfully morph themselves into.  This kind of … Read More

Hold up, I’m a complementarian. Can I still support women in church leadership? YES!

Laura Seifert joins us today! Christian culture has created a rigid way of thinking forcing us to choose one ideology and reject the other: Complementarianism or Egalitarianism. This is simply not true.  It is okay to exist outside of either of the two camps, to take what we see as good and beneficial from each, … Read More