Finding My Voice

I hope you enjoy reading about the heart, the work, and the details of the podcast below. 

The Heart: 

I’ve known the messages of others that needed to be amplified through this platform since I registered All at Once as an official business in Texas, but determining my own message, on my own platform, is deeply challenging for me.

I have found myself wondering for many years what I would say if I were given a mic and a platform. I’ve been passionate about the prevention of sexual assault since I can remember. Now, I’m claiming not only does American culture create opportunities for sexual assault, but also church culture contributes to the cycle of abuse in our country.

I’ve recorded four of the seven episodes in season one. The more I work on finding my voice for the very first episode, which will be just me, sharing my story, the more complex everything feels. Even typing this causes a deep pit in my stomach. 

I wonder, “How can I be heard, and do the thousands of women justice who have stories like mine?”

Stories that include abuse and a religion that discredits and dismisses them when it’s brought forward. 

How can I be kind while also being outraged at the prevalence of violence against women and children while so many church’s turn a blind eye to their role in it? How can I clearly state my deep admiration and love for Jesus while also expressing criticism for many of his followers who claim he prefers women to be silent? 

How can I show the world that if we keep teaching our young girls and boys that females are to be the quiet and submissive supporters while men are to be the strong and outspoken leaders, that we are directly contributing to the culture that breeds violence against women? 

How do I show respect and thankfulness for my childhood church while also rejecting many of its foundational views?

How do I express my fullness and love for the freedom, wholeness, peace, and exuberance that I’ve experienced with Jesus?

The very first episode that will air will be me sharing my story and attempting to answer these questions within the tension it causes and not trying to say all the things, all at once.

The Work

We have recorded four out of the seven episodes of the first season and have edited two of them. We are working on the final three recordings in the upcoming weeks. We will also be editing and mixing the other two episodes we’ve already recorded. 

The Details

The full season of the podcast will become available on November 9. We will release two episodes that day, and then we will release the remaining five in the weeks that follow. This podcast is not like other podcasts that are regularly published. This is more like a Netflix mini series that hopes to garner enough viewership to warrant a season two.

In September, about six weeks before the episodes are available on all your apps to listen to, we will release a short trailer, or commercial, to populate the podcast listening apps: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Pandora, and any more that we learn about. If you listen to your podcasts on a different platform than we mentioned, let us know, so we can get it there! 

So, until September, I plan to send you all updates on where our heart is, how much work we are doing, and the technical details. 

If you’d like to connect or chat with us, fill out our Contact Form or email us at If you’d like to support us financially, check out Patreon or our Shop. Thank you for reading.

Gratefully with you,

Kelly & co 

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  • 12 weeks to trailer launch
  • 18 weeks to FULL podcast launch

What I’m currently reading: I like reading all kinds of books. I take what is beneficial and good for me, and leave what isn’t.

Rage becomes Her by Soraya Chemaly

….just finished reading Untamed by Glennon Doyle 

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