3.05 White people profiting off of black people has got to stop. The power of representation at decision-making tables with Arnaecia Alridge LIVE.

“I learned to make decisions for the little girl version of myself. I have to speak up for her.” -Arnaecia Alridge

I, Kelly, am immensely grateful and overwhelmed that people even listen to All at Once, let alone show up, or fly across the country to engage in this work. Every time I get a notification of updated listener numbers, I am blown away and struggle to believe what I see with my own eyes— people are listening. Who even are these people? I have no idea, but “Hello, whoever you are. Hi, I hope we are serving you well. I hope you are safe. And I hope our words are a soothing balm to your soul. You are altogether beautiful, my darling, and there is no flaw in you.”

For our season 3 finale, settle in and take what is good and beneficial for you and leave what isn’t.

I also just wanted to update y’all on how we are doing. It took ALL that we had to produce this season. If it were any other season, on any other topic, I likely would have abandoned ship. But THIS. This topic is too important to not bring to listeners. Now, more than ever, centering marginalized voices must be a priority for anyone with a platform.

I am outraged at systemic power abuse, racism, sexism, and consumerism. The flaws in our country overwhelm me, even on a micro level. However, the people fill me with hope. The people made this podcast happen. The people need to also rest, and as much as I try to prove myself otherwise, I too need to rest.

The thoughts and questions I’m wrestling with are these: I know human beings have limitations. We aren’t robots. But how do I accept that these limitations are a part of being human, and not a weakness for me to overcome? How does one rest? How do I stop striving for a goal or vision and just simply BE?

My brain knows the answers to these questions. But my body is revealing to me that I have not yet transferred this head knowledge to heart and body knowledge. My family has become a foster family since August. We started this process in January of 2022, and we have been caring for our first foster baby since August. My love for her surpasses understanding. Humans need GOOD parents. I can’t believe I get to be hers, for however long she needs.

Also, I greatly underestimated the mental and emotional toll this journey would take on me. I am tired, and I crave more margin to be present with the children in my home. I have to press pause on a few things in my life to create space to healthily navigate this foster journey. Because of this, the production of All at Once is on pause.

But I assure you, we are not done yet.

To God be the glory.

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