3.03 Donnell // Deconstructing Colonialist Ideology: Racism in America

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On the All At Once Podcast this week we welcome Donnell to the ever-changing discussion! What will you get from this wonderful episode? Well, let me tell you.

We go over:

  • The Christian church and how it can have a reputation for being hateful and an undercurrent of hate.
  • How hip-hop liberated Donnell and made him feel empowered.
  • The clear lines between racism, white supremacy, and how it infiltrated the black church.
  • Christianity in our government, and how it kind of erases people who practice other faiths and have different beliefs.
  • Speaking truth to power- having uncomfortable conversations.
  • “Love. Love is considerate, it is empathetic, it understands, it is inclusive, it is radical, it breaks barriers”.

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