3.01 Dara // New Co-host Introduction! Growing up Black, Surrounded by Whiteness & Mental Health Advocacy for Black Women

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Welcoming in our new season with our new Co-Host, Dara George! What will you get from this wonderful episode? Well let me tell you.

We go over:

  • Toxic Positivity and how it can turn into gaslighting.
  • Challenges with the term “Strong Black Woman” in society and how the phrase can do more harm than good.
  • How we are so quick to seek medical attention if you were to brake your arm, but when it comes to matters of the mind, it’s either you’ll work it out, or even worse, “you just need to pray more”.
  • What listening does for the soul and how healing it can be.
  • Being the only one in the room who looks different and how exhausting that can become. 

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