3.0 Trailer: Centering Black Voices

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Toward the end of last season, I, Kelly Browning, realized that this beautiful podcast that my friends and I have created lacked the very representation for which we advocate. We had no voices of color represented as guests or as leaders at our decision-making table. To correct this, and to better understand the deeply divisive issue of racism in America, at the end of our Season two finale with Janis Street, we said our next season would center black voices.

I’m proud to say we kept our word. Season three premiers on September 21. This season, we continue working together to press into these hard topics like the dynamics of racism and power, sexuality, slavery, and colonialism’s connection with modern racism, along with learning from the experiences of a male survivor of sexual assault, and how all of this is influenced by and experienced within Christianity.

One of our guests, Rev, will be performing for us for our first ever ALL AT ONCE LIVE– a free event that starts at 4:30 on October 15 on the patio at Dunn brothers in Friendswood, TX. Bring a lawn chair and a friend and join us for a meaningful night which will also include live music and an interview with Arnaecia Alridge, entertainment executive and fierce advocate for equity in the entertainment industry. We can’t wait to see you there.

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